Liberty Finance
Commodity Murabahah
with Streamlined, Trustworthy On-Chain Transactions

Commodity Murabahah serves as the foundational structure in a significant portion of Islamic finance transactions globally. This Shari’ah compliant structure involves a buy-and-sell arrangement of specific commodities enabling one party to provide financing to another party without interest. This financial instrument is integral for cash settlements, loans, and financing.

Traditional Commodity Murabahah Challenges

Conventional financial institutions face inefficiencies in implementing Commodity Murabahah. The process requires meticulous coordination with various stakeholders, adherence to Shari’ah-compliant exchanges, and managing large transactions of tangible, auditable commodities. The financier collaborates with exchanges to buy and resell commodities, ensuring price stability. This necessitates significant transaction volumes (often exceeding $200M), market availability of buyers, and commodity accessibility.

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Liberty Finance:
A Paradigm Shift

Liberty Finance redefines this landscape by eliminating traditional inefficiencies. We integrate innovative blockchain technology, transforming cumbersome communication and transactions into swift, reliable, and transparent on-chain transactions.

Our blockchain protocol ensures rapid settlement of Commodity Murabahah, reducing transaction times to mere minutes, while eliminating capital risk. Liberty Finance is a cutting-edge technology provider, guaranteeing Shari’ah compliance through regular Fatwa issuance and reports.

Enhancing Efficiency at Liberty Finance

Clients interact with Liberty Finance through our API or user-friendly interface, specifying transaction details like loan amount and its markup. Our system instantly confirms transaction eligibility and fees. Our proprietary solution then seamlessly executes multiple commodity sales, providing the financier with a detailed, blockchain-auditable transaction report. At every transaction stage, Liberty Finance enables the financier and their clients to opt for physical commodity delivery, ensuring compliance and flexibility.

Our Promise: Trust, Ethics, Transparency

Our Shari’ah Advisory team, comprising a prominent Islamic Finance Executive and an accredited AAOIFI Scholar (Mufti), ensures ongoing alignment with Shari’ah principles, issuing regular Fatwa, reviewing operational reports and conducting rigorous audits.

Build your crypto wealth with Liberty Finance's diverse opportunities.
Build your crypto wealth with Liberty Finance's diverse opportunities.

Our Priority: Privacy and Data Security

We recognize the paramount importance of data security and privacy in financial dealings. Our blockchain-based solutions operate on a private chain, with transactions identifiable only through uniquely encrypted private wallet keys, aligning with ISO 27001 standards for comprehensive information security.

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